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e-Chopper Classico


street legal


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eFlux Chopper Classico street legal electric scooter

Rollers were yesterday, the future belongs to the e-chopper

Take a step towards the future: Become part of electromobility with your eFlux Chopper One! The e-chopper shines compared to a conventional scooter with significantly lower operating costs and wear. This is not only good for your wallet, but also for your nerves. And it's more environmentally friendly anyway. Of course, driving fun is not neglected either! Cruise with an electric chopper in a relaxed way on country roads or through city traffic. With up to 45 km/h, the eFlux Chopper One gets you moving quickly thanks to the 2,000 watt wheel hub motor. The range of the lithium-ion battery of up to 35 km is sufficient for a few short trips to the bakery etc. or for relaxed Sunday excursions in the surrounding area. Get on, enjoy the view and let the wind blow in your face!


Made for the asphalt

E-scooter with 45 km/h & 35 km range

Experience the incomparable driving experience of our eFlux Chopper One. On the e-scooter with 45 km/h you can jet relaxed over the asphalt. Even small bumps don't disturb your tour: Because the shock absorbers at the front and rear cushion them gently.


Even parking or sitting on is comfortable and hardly strenuous with the low weight of the e-scooter of only 72 kg. It doesn't matter whether it's several short jaunts or a longer trip: With a range of up to 35 km, your new eFlux Chopper One will reliably get you to your destination.


The iconic eFlux Chopper One boasts a modern wheel hub motor with an extremely efficient drive. So you can be on the road without any loud rattling or smelly exhaust fumes. Cruise pleasantly quietly past meadows and forests.


A major advantage of the electric wheel hub motor, in addition to the low maintenance, is the instant acceleration. This means there is no loss of power. This not only gives the e-scooter enough power for some inclines, but also saves valuable energy!


Cruising without emissions

Powerful electric chopper with wheel hub motor


Freedom on two wheels

E-scooter with pneumatic tires

Two wide solid rubber tires give you unlimited freedom with the eFlux Chopper One! With a size of 130/60-13 at the front and 215/40-12 at the rear, both wheels are significantly wider than those of conventional e-scooters. This opens up varied tour experiences on different surfaces.


Not only is driving comfort significantly increased, but also safety. Because with an e-chopper with wide tires, it is much easier to stay on track even when it is wet. The solid rubber tires are also much more puncture-proof: This makes the eFlux Chopper One a reliable companion "on the road"!


E-Xtra battery power

Removable lithium-ion battery

Rely on the eFlux Chopper One as a loyal companion in your free time and everyday life. Because the built-in lithium-ion battery is particularly durable and also very economical. Full of energy, the e-chopper will take you up to 35 km. And there is even more! For longer tours, you can equip your e-scooter with an optional additional battery.


And if the juice runs out? Save expensive fuel costs and the trip to the gas station. Because you can "fill up" the electric scooter at any conventional socket or e-bike charging station. And thanks to the removable battery, it is extremely convenient.


Grab when necessary

Disc brakes front and rear

As with a bicycle or car, the brakes on the e-chopper are of crucial importance for safety. Therefore, check their functionality regularly. It is important that two independent brakes are installed on the e-scooter. This is also the case with our eFlux Chopper One: the front and rear disc brakes can be pulled quickly thanks to the lever on the handlebars. And your electric chopper comes to a reliable standstill.


Off to new chopper tours

Mobile with a scooter or car driver's license

Class: AM or B

With your driver's license in your pocket, you can expect relaxed jaunts on your retro-look e-copper. With the street-legal e-scooter, all paths are open to you. All you need is a category B or AM driver's license, i.e. a normal scooter or car driver's license. And then it's time to put on your helmet, swing onto the saddle and start cruising.


Multifunction display: Everything at a glance

Mileage, speed and Co.

You have everything you need in your hand and in view on the iconic shaped handlebars of the electric chopper. The display on the left shows you the battery level and the capacity of the battery. On the right you can see your speed and mileage.


You can also control the modern LED indicators here or switch between daytime running and low beam. Would you like a short break? Then park your e-chooper safely using the handlebar lock.


Feel like a real Easy Rider

E-chopper with automatic transmission

Enjoy your little road trip comfortably with the eFlux Chopper One. Because thanks to the automatic transmission, there is no need to change gears or use the clutch. The electric chopper always drives with the right torque. The e-scooter even climbs mountains without any problems. Using the 3-stage toggle switch in the battery compartment, you can throttle the speed as you wish. And the rest then drives almost by itself.

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